Moment of doubtOperation Ascension Spring Summit New!

20180902_231442 Mountains and Friends

constancy  “Constancy”

Screenshot_20180801-154949  Disco at the Woodlands

20180711_151711World Cup is Over. Now We can get Back Outside.

20180619_104343  Epochal Moments.

Screenshot_20180611-132930  You Gotta Be a Wolf to Catch a Wolf

20180603_224036  Foxtrot. Uniform. November. Clear for takeoff. 

C26CF58CA515FFEF0D3D2D63A4AB1FF8   Dishes Rafting 

20180514_091643  Odd Man Birthday Involving Resolution  

img_20180315_195559_128.jpg   Spring Break, 2018!             

20180220_110409   The Trio Visits Girdwood

20180106_140506     Fresh Manitoba Turns   

  IMG_20180112_141428_157     20,310′

20171006_191425.jpg      Bike the Russian Lakes Trail, with Two Spare Bike Tubes

omalleylook.jpg   O’malley Peak Ski/Climb

 20170806_131457   Packrafting the Iconic 20 Mile River

IMG_20170918_075738_676 (1)   Bikes, Hikes, and Suicide

FB_IMG_1506962233456   The Must-Do, Arctic to Indian Traverse

20170703_095452   Lakina 1.0

2 thoughts on “Posts

  1. thebeerwanderer September 27, 2018 / 5:24 am

    Just back from three weeks in South Africa. Some amazing hikes, wildlife and surprisingly some great beer, too. Hope you’re keeping well. I’d say bundle up, winter is coming but you guys surely never stop enjoying the great outdoors…no matter the season.


    • VRS skimo team October 8, 2018 / 4:35 pm

      South Africa sounds amazing! Winter is around the corner and we are hoping for some more adventures in the great outdoors.


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