The home page explains this already… I guess we’ll make this our quick bio page.

Vince Stewart – AKA the handsome one. Always the least in shape. By far the best ski jumper on the team. Believes apples are the best source of fiber.

Ryan Conti – Least likely to not sleep with men (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Stronger than he looks. Best qualities: Charity and Charlie.

Sean Zumwalt – Summited Denali in 2017. Wears capri pants. Fastest skiing up hill. Learned to play the jazz flute from Green Bean.

Suzanne Weist – One of token females. Wised up and transitioned to skiing from snowboarding. The 2018 season was her first real season, but I think we will see her doing backies in the bc by next year.

Charity Conti – The other token female. Cooler than Ryan. Doesn’t get Marty’s sarcasm.

Marty Byrne – Enjoys running. He is a snowboarder. I think his sarcasm somehow got him on the team. Favorite number: 69

Chris Luther – Ginger. Never seen him ski… Can he ski? Guided the Talachulitna. Would give the shirt off his back for anyone, but drink all your whiskey when you’re not looking.